Welcome!  This book has been a work in process and a labor of love for over eight years and will continue to be that for the rest of its life!    I look forward to sharing what I am learning along the way, with this book as my guide.  Please click on specific pages above for table of contents, information about me, cover description, photos of mandala art, classes and community events in Escondido, California.


A must read for every bodywork and yoga practitioner, teacher and student; as well as for therapists, medical professionals, veteran advocates, hospice workers, first responders and the vast numbers of us who are caregivers by profession, or within our families.
  •  Learn how to care for yourself AND expand your work to include students or clients with a variety of health challenges.

  • Follow step by step instructions of hands-on techniques and exercises.

  • Extensive resources for working with many diverse client population.

  • Useful and practical charts and forms for your professional practice or use at home.

  • Great tips for professional body workers and caregivers.

  • Read author’s experiences, laced with humor and wisdom gained during 15,000+ hours of hands-on client and teaching experience.


  • Mother & infant massage/movement /healing touch in the NICU
  •  Partner stretches & massage
  • Animal massage    
  • Massage & Restorative Yoga for cancer, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s disease
  • Healing touch and self-care for  veterans and first responders, those with brain injuries, trauma, PTSD
  •  Flowing and dancing through midlife
  •  Massage & Yoga through the years
  •  Living & working with elderly
  •  Polarity Therapy – a gentle touch
  •  Caring for the Dying
  • Self-care and movement with the differently-abled