Author, Circles of Healing, The Complete Guide to Healing with Massage & Yoga for Caregivers, Practitioners, Students and Clients

About the Author

Gwen Wendy Hammarstrom has been practicing and teaching massage and yoga for over thirty five years.  She received a BFA in Dance from Temple University and soon after began as Director of Innerworks Center, Classes for Bodyworkers and Healthcare Professionals, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  At the same time she was artistic director of Agape Dancers, a modern dance company that reached out to non-mainstream audiences using choreography that combined yoga, martial arts, and images from nature.

She moved to California in 1992 with her husband, who was taking the role of hospital administrator for a facility in Southern California, along with their seven month old daughter, two dogs and three cats.   Gwen’s first clients and students in Long Beach were infants and parents.  She has come full circle with her in-home massages for the ill, the elderly and with hospice massage.

In her bodywork practice Gwen offers her unique blend of acupressure, Trigger Point work, Polarity Therapy and massage therapy.  People who have benefited from Gwen’s massages include professionals, homemakers, athletes, truck drivers, people who work in offices and stores, people who work in the arts, yoga teachers and police officers.  Her clients include parents and infants, teenagers, the developmentally disabled, the medically fragile, hospice patients, animals, and all their caregivers.  She also teaches yoga classes in Murrieta and Escondido, CA.

Gwen was a co-founder of the Inland Holistic Health Association in Southwest Riverside County, California.  She has written a column on health and wellness for the Californian newspaper for two years, as well as a bodywork column for Awareness Magazine and freelance writing for High Country Journal in southern California, The Murrieta Chronicle and Neighbor’s Newspaper.   Learn more at

She loves to hear your stories and experiences, and your questions.  You can email her at  To order a copy, go to